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Product Care

Personalised Leather

To remove any dirt from the exterior leather, use a mixture of water (90%) and mild soap (10%). You can use a micro fibre polishing cloth in a gentle, circular motion (do not rub) after conducting a spot test. Once cleaned, leave the product to air dry. Do not machine wash or use harsh chemicals on the leather. If the product has been damaged, seek out a professional leather cleaner or repair specialist.

To keep the shape of your leather bag or product, insert some stuffing or tissue paper and store in a cool, dry environment. 

Please avoid:

  • Snagging the product on items such as jewellery, rough materials or sharp edges.
  • Do not overstuff the bag, pouch etc. with other items.
  • Do not store in plastic protection or expose to wet, hot or perfumed environments.

Personalised Glassware

Our glassware is dishwasher safe although we recommend hand washing your new glasses in moderate to hot water with detergent. Use a gentle cloth to wipe off any marks and leave to air dry or simply clean with a microfibre cleaning cloth. For added shine, use a micro fibre polishing cloth available from your local supermarket. Do not use abrasive, scouring brushes or pads as this could damage the glass or engraving.

To avoid cracking or damaging the glass, do not pour hot liquid into a cold glass or cold liquid into a hot glass. Be gentle with the glass (don't dry it on a rack upside down as the glassware rim is the most fragile part of the glass). 

How to recycle our packaging

To responsibly manage our packaging materials, we can adopt eco-friendly practices. Compostable mailers can be disposed of by either composting them at home if they meet composting standards or by finding a local composting facility that accepts them. Recycling our gift boxes is simple; we can break them down and place them in the recycling bin, along with the protective packaging. As for our cotton canvas bags, reusing them is key. These versatile bags can serve various purposes such as grocery shopping and carrying books. By incorporating these practices into our routine, we contribute to reducing waste and promoting sustainability.